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Photojournalistic Style Wedding Photography

  • You & Your Wedding (Jeff Ascough)
    What a great site! Be sure to have a look through all his galleries - Jeff shoots mostly B&W available-light with Leica rangefinder cameras. This guy is one of the best photographers of this style I've seen anywhere.
  • Wedding Photojournalism by Ben Eden
    A very large number of beautiful wedding photographs, both colour and B&W. Ben has not just cherry-picked the best photos from his portfolio, he's put whole albums of many events online. It's easy to show 50 nice photos from 50 weddings, but to show this many great photos from each event is truly impressive. Ben's site is a must if you're into the Leica-style photojournalistic look.
  • Amy Deputy
    Beautiful, amazing photos.
  • Tommy Colbert Photography
    Nice images, and an interesting way of laying out pages in the album.
  • Andry Sander
    Lots of images in their portfolio, nice mix of B&W and colour, beautiful photos.
  • The Wedding Bureau
    Extraordinary wedding photography by America's leading photojournalists.
  • Jason Cole Photography (Australian)
    Weddings shot by a professional model photographer. A very nice style.
  • Yervant (Australian)
    One of the most prestigious photography studios in Australia, and a pioneer of the magazine layout digital wedding album.
  • Moire Photography
    More magazine-style albums like Yervant's. Also check out the collages for something a little different.
  • Evrim Icoz
    Won 1st place in WPPI wedding photojournalism. Very nice photography!

Traditional Style Wedding Photography

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