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As I wander around the internet, I come across a lot of web sites I'd like to visit again. Some because they contain beautiful photos, some because they have great equipment reviews, and some because they explain techniques that I think I might like to try one day.

I collect all those links in these pages.

Latest Articles

6-5-2004: Critiques — I learn a lot about producing nice photographs by reading and listening to critiques of other people's photographs. Here are some links to good online critiques.

6-5-2004: Favourite Photographers — Links to the web sites of photographers whose work I like or find particularly interesting.

23-3-2004: Equipment — Equipment reviews and information on how to choose, purchase, use and look after photography equipment.

23-3-2004: Photo Community Sites — Community sites where you can interact with other people who share your interest in photography.

22-3-2004: Photo Technique — Hints and tips for learning about photography and improving your craft.

22-3-2004: Business — Information about turning your hobby into a source of income.

22-3-2004: Wedding Galleries — Galleries of wedding photography that I particularly like.

22-3-2004: Wedding Technique — Tips and techniques for wedding photography.



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