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Pink And Blue

Saturday, 31 August 2002

Olympus C2040Z
1/400s @ f/2.6 (no flash)
105 mm lens with +4 close-up filter, ISO 100

Pink And Blue

This is a pinwheel daisy growing in my Mum's garden down at Huskisson. By composing with the dark space under the BBQ directly behind the flower, I was able to get a nice black background to really make the flower 'pop'. I was especially attracted by the pink petals and the blue center of this flower, and only noticed the yellow bits in the center after I took the photo. This was my first photo using the +4 close-up filter I got for my birthday.

The judge in the KSCC competition liked the vivid colours, and the way they stand out with such a dark background. He said that judges often criticise out-of-focus foregrounds in photos, but he thought it worked in this one. The center of the flower and most of the petals are nice and sharp, showing lots of detail.

This photograph was also sold during the KSCC Members' Exhibition in January 2003.

 Competition Entries:

26-1-2003. Kiama Show, Colour Prints, "Digital Enhanced". First Prize.

18-9-2002. KSCC B Grade Colour Prints, "Open" Competition. Merit.


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