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Night Swimmer

Wednesday, 6 March 2002

Olympus C2040Z
2.5s @ f/2.6 (no flash)
105 mm lens, ISO 100

I took this photo at the Shellharbour Pool during a KSCC outing. It was just after dusk, and a guy was doing breaststroke up and down the pool.

The judge in the KSCC competition really liked the deep saturated blues in the background and the varied colours in the water of the pool. The long exposure turned the waves in the background into a soft blur, and lent the swimmer a feeling of movement. She also liked the sharp, strong fence around the pool.

 Competition Entries:

26-1-2003. Kiama Show, Colour Prints, "Digital Camera". First Prize + Best Exhibit Digital.

17-4-2002. KSCC B Grade Colour Prints, "Open" Competition. Merit.


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