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Iris Detail

Sunday, 30 December 2001

Olympus C2040Z
1/160s @ f/2.6 (no flash)
103 mm lens, ISO 400

This was one of the flowers Megan and Grace received in hospital. I took this photo one afternoon when Megan was asleep and I had nothing better to do.

The judge at the KSCC club competition said it was good, but recommended I try to get more interesting light into the petals to show their shape, and to try to get more detail into the brown knobby bits. He also said to light the flower better to let the yellow really shine - I don't think he realised it was a brown flower! Next time I'll just try to use a brighter coloured flower.

 Competition Entries:

16-1-2002. KSCC B Grade Colour Prints, "Open" Competition.


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