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Cliff Tree

Wednesday, 19 June 2002

Olympus C2040Z
1/400s @ f/6.3 (no flash)
105 mm lens, ISO 100

Cliff Tree

This is a gum tree growing on the side of a cliff above the beach a Lilli Pilli, near Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast. It was taken around midday. No polariser was used — the sky is fairly dark because the trunk of the tree was extremely bright, causing the camera's exposure meter to underexpose slightly.

I applied a contrast mask to this picture in Photoshop to bring out the detail in the shadows around the rocks, and to take the edge off the highlights in the tree's bark.

The judge in the KSCC competition said it was a nice photo.

 Competition Entries:

19-6-2002: KSCC B Grade Colour Prints, "Open" Competition.


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