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Saturday, 8 September 2001

Olympus C2040Z
1/200s @ f/2.6 (no flash)
105 mm lens, ISO 100


This angel is on a grave at Bombo cemetery.

The image has been heavily modified in Photoshop to boost the sky and enhance the statue.

The judge for the Kiama Show liked this photo, and was torn between it and another one for the Highly Commended award - in the end, the other one got it. D'oh!

The KSCC judge commented that it's hard to take a photograph of a statue without just recording the sculptor's work. The photographer usually doesn't add anything themselves. But she liked the way I lit this photo, with the white glow in the wings and the deep shadow areas. She also liked the strong sky in the background. It didn't get a prize, though.

 Competition Entries:

17-4-2002. KSCC B Grade Colour Prints, "Open" Competition.

25-1-2002. Kiama Show, Digital Prints.


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