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by Darren Collins
Monday, 7 October 2002

I've been extremely happy with my Epson Stylus Photo 810 (820 in the US) printer, and I firmly believe you can't go past Epson for photo quality printers. Their home photo printer range uses the same inks and drivers as their wide-format printers, which means you can accurately proof your prints at home before sending them out for large-format reproduction.

The links below all point to the specific product at for your convenience — they're not always easy to find using the search tools.

Epson Stylus Photo 810/820/830

This is the entry level A4 photo printer. In the US it's called the 820, and the rest of the world calls it the 810 (although there's now a slightly improved 830).

Epson Stylus Photo 890

This is the professional-quality A4 photo printer. It has a number of advantages over the 810/820/830, but it costs more. Buy this one if you expect to produce large numbers of A4 prints, need a roll paper feeder, or are interested in purchasing a Continuous Inking System.

Epson Stylus Photo 1280 (1290 Outside US)

This is the professional-quality A3 photo printer. It's by far the most popular printer model professional photographers choose.


Printing on genuine Epson paper gives excellent results without the need for any profiling. If you just want to get started printing photos, stick with these. Other papers can still give good results, but you need to mess around to get the colours and brightness right.




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