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A lot of people email me asking questions about cameras and photography equipment. A lot of the questions are more or less the same.

In order to avoid repeating myself, and in an effort to provide more complete answers than a two-line email permits, I'll post the questions and answers here.

Technology is continually progressing, so I'll try to keep the answers as up to date and relevant as possible. If you find something that's not quite true or is out of date, please email me and let me know so I can fix it.

Latest Articles

27-8-2004: Memory Cards vs Portable Storage — How can I store my digital photos while shooting weddings? I have two 1Gb compact flash cards, but I don't want to buy more CF cards because I think they'll be collecting dust soon when larger cards come along. What types of laptops or digital wallets are best?

21-4-2004: Memory Cards — I need to buy some extra memory cards for an upcoming trip with my digital camera. Is it better to buy a large number of smaller cards, or a smaller number of larger-capacity cards?

6-4-2004: White Balance Settings — Which white balance setting on my digital camera is best to use when shooting in sunny weather with fill-flash?

1-4-2004: DSLR Sensor Cleaning — I've read on the web that I need to buy some Eclipse Cleaning Fluid and Pec Pads to clean my digital SLR camera's sensor. But I live in Australia - I can't find a local supplier, and overseas companies won't ship it to me. Do you know where I can get some?

1-4-2004: Forming A Camera Club — I'd like to form a local camera club, but have no idea where to begin. Do you know where I can get some information? I live in the USA.

31-3-2004: Mini Tripods — I am thinking of getting a small tripod for my digital point-n-shoot camera. I want it for evening shots and panoramas. Is a spirit level in the tripod head really necessary? What sort of tripod should I get?



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